Mmm… the aroma of your Hacienda La Esmeralda has wafted between our techy devices and straight into my lounge room. I know, that’s ridiculous. You wouldn’t be drinking such an expensive coffee!

I confess, I had to Google search “expensive coffee” for the above reference. I’m not a coffee expert or barista, and likely never will be. So why the strong caffeine flavour? Because I want this space to reflect what coffee represents to a lot of people:

~ meeting a friend to catch up and share stories,
~ staying in bed with a warm mug and quietly reading the newspaper, or
~ that taste of comfort before hitting the office in the early morning

This blog is 15 years overdue. As a teenager I wrote for myself. Blogs didn’t exist back then but they do now so here I am. I spent a lot of years in between not writing so it feels good to re-start, and bring you wonderful readers along for the ride.

I’ve decided to channel my energy into the positive, the fun, and the fascinating aspects of life through:

  • Observations
  • Mini-travel stories, desires & anecdotes
  • Photo tours, past & present, plus….
  • Anything else you can enjoy with your morning cuppa

I’ll also be packing you into my suitcase and taking you around the United States in March/April 2015 as Sel and I embark on our expedition into unchartered territory. You’ll taste what we taste, see what we see, and meet who we meet. Are you excited!?

And of course, join in the discussion. Fill me in on your upcoming travel plans and wishes, express your hope about the upcoming year, or show off your recently snapped photographs. I’d love to share in your experiences as well!

Hope to see you again soon!


9 thoughts on “Coffee?

  1. Mike, Neat idea, having the coffee theme run through the whole blog. Watch your background colors vs. text colors, as some of your title words are difficult to see. Are you researching coffee, coffee drinkers, coffee production? If not, the blog doesn’t have a focus of its own, and that might make it difficult to attract followers, but I don’t drink coffee, so I really don’t know what would pull readers in for you.


  2. Hi Gwen! I really appreciate the feedback 🙂 With the colours, do you mean just on the home page with the main blog post titles? Everything else looks ok on my screen although I have wondered about the main titles and I’m trying to work out whether to change the theme.

    Good point about the coffee too – I won’t explore any coffee-related topics – I was imagining the theme as representing friends sitting down over a coffee to catch up, or someone reading this blog with their morning coffee, like they would a newspaper on a Sunday morning. Maybe I could somehow add that into the post to make it a bit clearer? I’ll revisit this post in the next few days and also my About Me page – I didn’t want to double up, but maybe I should, just to make the focus of the blog clearer. Thank you again!


  3. flowerybeer

    Reading this post made me want to get a cup, travel and read books. I like how easy going and cozy you make your posts. Can’t wait to read about your trip this year!!!


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