It’s so shiny

Do I have Shiny Object Syndrome? No. Although sometimes I feel I’m on the brink.

Here’s my current list of stuff I’m working on:

  • Two apps… one is up & active, the other is on its way
  • Two blogs… this one, and Criminology In Oz which I started in April ’14.
  • One University degree (Criminology & Criminal Justice), and despite being only halfway through, contemplating a second.
  • A novel – I started it a year ago and I’m about 3/5’s through

I also work full-time, travel with Sel when we can, and dabble in photograph from time to time.

The concept of Shiny Object Syndrome is reasonably self-explanatory, but I’ll go on. A shiny new toy pops up, it distracts you from your current project, and you jump at it like a kitten fascinated by an elusive piece of string, and not just the first time. But over and over.

But. That 3-letter word is what separates me from possessing any form of *syndrome*. But, some of my projects are un-finishable. Can apps and blogs ever be finished? Can photography ever be finished? Travel? Not really.

One of my previous projects in life was to become a web designer. My teacher told us, “never use the words ‘under construction’ on a website in place of content. Websites are never finished”. In other words, no matter how finished they appear, they are forever ongoing. That applies to apps. And blogs.

So, all in all. I’ve decided that no, I don’t suffer from Shiny New Syndrome. I do however, need to set goals to attain a sense of accomplishment from time to time. I’ll start with some easy ones;

  1. No new blogs. Two is enough.
  2. No new apps. Two is enough.
  3. No more degrees. One is more than enough.
  4. Travel? More.
  5. Photography? More.
  6. And my actual paid employment?… Maybe that’s one area I can cut back on!

I feel better already.

How about you? Do you start projects that you never finish? Or have you worked out a way to prevent this from happening?

4 thoughts on “It’s so shiny

  1. Michelle

    I definitely have shiny object syndrome….. I jump from one thing to another and leave so many things unfinished. Both at home and work. I blame years of being accustomed to chaos…. Or maybe I am just undisiplined… Either way, I need to rid myself of shiny object syndrome…. Whats the cure????

    Oh and I vote no to number 6 🙂


  2. Thanks for dropping by… I do know how chaotic your life is 😉

    #1 Split your tasks/projects between those can be finished and those that can’t
    #2 Prioritise your list of finish-able(?) tasks by deadline…
    #3 If deadline isn’t really an issue, then knock off things that can be done quickly. Reduce your task list straightaway and you’ll feel a million times better & way more in control!

    Alternatively, stick with your current method and delegate, delegate, delegate!!!


  3. Hehe. Love it 🙂

    You will be pleased to know that I have previously had issues with delegating. At least I appear to have overcome that syndrome 😉

    Thank you for your advice. I shall give it a go.


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