Monday needs love too

So I read this fantastic post by one of my fellow bloggers, Andrea. It stirred up a thought that had bothered me for a while now. One that resurfaces every time I walk into the office on a Monday morning.

“Oh great. Another Monday.”
“How was your weekend? Not long enough…”
“Monday’s suck.”
“Monday is the worst thing ever.”
*moan* *sigh* *huff and puff*

And so it goes. It usually carries through to Tuesday. By Wednesday, there’s a slight tinge of optimism, although it’s veiled in sarcasm, and often still finds a way to lead back to Monday.

“It’s only Wednesday… but at least it’s not Monday.”

Why do we do this and project so much hate on Mondays? Andrea suggests we just follow what everyone else does, and I agree. Monday-hating is prevalent in most workplace cultures. In order to fit in, it’s easy to keep hating on Monday by churning out the same tired, old, drab phrases, and not think beyond the words coming out of your mouth.

Or is it more than just the words? Do people genuinely feel worse on a Monday than any other day of the week? Has the workplace culture become that strong that we are conditioned to intrinsically hate Mondays? I don’t know, I’m not a psychologist.

But what I am absolutely certain about is that it can be fixed. Easily. By you. A while back, I made the conscious decision to no longer fall into the Monday-hating trap and feel horrible for no good reason. I also decided that I’d like to slowly change the attitude of people I work with. There’s over 100 people in my office but if I can alter the attitude of just a few of them, that’s a positive right?

So this is what I do every Monday morning. When I wake up, I treat it as a fresh start. It’s my time to re-assess where I’m up to with short-term goals. My new week ahead is also when I can atone for eating bad food or drinking too much alcohol on the weekend. I can kickstart a new exercise plan, I can decide what new tasks I hope to accomplish through the week, and I can sort out which of my friends and family I can catch up with, and when.

My Monday’s now offer me something that Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday generally don’t.

Once I was satisfied that my attitude toward Monday’s had shifted into something more positive, I took it to work with me. Here are the simple things I do at work to avoid falling further into the Monday trap, and to hopefully nudge (gently) my Monday-ness onto others:

  1. I smile and keep a spring in my step when I walk into the office. I smile most days but make it just that little bit wider on a Monday. Happiness and positivity breed likewise.
  2. When I’m asked how my weekend was, I don’t blurt out the usual “not long enough” or moan that I’m back at work. I tell them I had a great weekend and that I feel refreshed and ready to go again.
  3. When I hear those cringeworthy, horrible Monday lines mentioned earlier, I respond with, “It’s not that bad is it? Monday’s no different to the rest of the week!” The response I receive to that specific tactic is slowly improving.

As with any of my suggestions throughout my entire blog, they aren’t groundbreaking, but they are incredibly simple to do. If you love your Monday’s, that’s fantastic! But if you hate your Monday’s and fall into the Monday-hating trap, ask yourself why. Ask yourself if anything negative actually happens on a Monday that doesn’t happen on other days. And is there a reason you don’t feel refreshed after a weekend?It’s all about perception. Every single person has the power to make any day of the week work for them.

So tell me, how do you feel about Monday’s? What can you do to minimise any negativity that still lingers?

24 thoughts on “Monday needs love too

  1. Girl, Independent

    Thanks for this. Im going to make an effort to say “i had a great weekend!” tomorrow morning, regardless of whether I did, and see what the outcome is

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    1. Let me know how you go! 🙂 If I have a crappy weekend, I usually tone down the “great weekend” part but still keep the rest of my response somewhat positive, I guess just to try and break the cycle for others around me.


  2. I have a complicated relationship with Mondays, because they aren’t my “Mondays”. My job has an odd schedule that makes Thursdays my Mondays. So I’m not sure how to respond to this post effectively. Do I describe how I feel on Thursday, which is technically my “Monday” or do I comment about my actual Monday? I’ll do both!

    I am generally a peppy person, happy as a lark to be where I am and what I am doing. Especially if I love my job, which I currently do. So my Thursday/Monday I am happy and cheerful to be at work, because I have genuinely missed my job and coworkers! I’m the person that comes in with a smile on my face and a happy greeting for anyone who walks into the room. Some people find it obnoxious, but I just give them a bigger smile and go about my day. It also helps that I found a job where my shift starts on my favorite day of the week. I don’t know why, but I have always loved Thursdays.

    As for my actual physical Monday, I am pretty happy with those as well. I get a small break in my schedule because the Library is closed on Sunday, even though I work elsewhere on Sunday, I haven’t seen my library or worked with these coworkers for a day. So I am generally in a pretty great mood on Mondays too. I think if I even have a “hate on the day” day, it would be Tuesday. It’s not so much a hate on Tuesday as an excitement for Wednesday which is my work “Friday”.

    In general, I believe the culture of hating on Mondays comes from a lack of fulfillment in the “haters” personal life, or job. I believe that if people genuinely loved what they did, and did it for the passion of their work and not the balance of their bank accounts, there would be a lot less Monday hating in the world. This opinion comes from personal experience when I was in a job I didn’t love. I used to be a Monday hater, then I changed jobs, and realized how unhappy I was in my old career. So that I think is the answer, love your work, find happiness and contentment in your daily life, and Mondays will just become another day to celebrate the awesomeness that is life.

    Now that I look up, I realize I have written an entire blog as a comment on your post. I do believe that was an assignment that I missed on Blogging 101 last week. Woops… Well, now the assignment is done. =) As always, it was a pleasure to read your thoughts and insights, and apologies for high jacking your comment section.

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    1. You didn’t hijack it at all! That’s exactly what the comments section is for 🙂 I should have added a disclaimer in my post that it applied mostly to the usual Monday-Friday work week but your response was top-notch anyway. You’re right, the Monday-hating culture does generally come from not loving your job. I work in a job that I don’t love, but I don’t hate it either. I’m totally grateful that I have it and the working conditions I have, but I do need to make a conscious effort to remind myself, and to actively make sure I’m treating the new week as a positive. But I work with a lot of people who are far far less appreciative of their job and as you said, they have a lack of fulfilment in their job, and for most of them, their personal life as well. And nice work getting one of the assignments done too =)

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  3. Finding My Inner Zen

    I had a very similar conversation with a co-worker about Mondays! I’ve realized lately that it is indeed my own mindset that sets up Mondays in such a negative light!

    I’m tired of living a life where I’m constantly living for Fridays! When I wake up on Mondays now, I pump up my music and think about all the things I am grateful for! Granted, this is the first Monday I’ve done this, but promising results thus far! 🙂

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  5. I like my Mondays – it means I get to get away from the kids after a crazy weekend with them and not feel guilty about it! :p Although sometimes, I just wish I could sleep in on a Monday because I’m so dead tired more than anything. Not only on Monday, but everyday! So in that sense, positive outlook on the day could just start on any day, and not just Monday. (more of a self-reminder actually!) Your blog’s clean and neat. Like it. 🙂

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