Hold up, wait a minute!

As society hurtles toward an ever-growing need for quicker, smarter, more efficient, and more convenient, we lose a precious trait that is underestimated and seemingly of lesser importance.

Stop…. every now and then


Unfortunately society has become conditioned to think that we never have enough time.

“There aren’t enough hours in a day!”
“Life’s too short!”
“Time’s a-wastin!”

Where has it gone? I look for patience every day. At the café, at the store, at work, while driving and so on. It’s becoming a rare commodity and if we don’t nurture it, it’ll become as extinct as the dodo.

The good news? We can supply it ourselves. How good is that? It’s not like money where there exists a limited supply. Patience can be created from nothing. Formed and moulded from thin air. This means we the people have an endless supply – if we want it.

In keeping with my Live Simple philosophy, mining patience is really simple to do.

  1. Next time you’re waiting in line, let’s say for a coffee, don’t get frustrated at the long line or the person in front of you. It might be the employee’s first day. Maybe the customer at the front of the queue is paying in small coins. Put your energy into thinking of something productive you can do later in the day. You’ll keep your heart rate down and you’ll be ordering your half-decaf, two-sugar, choc-sprinkled, mocha flat cap before you know it!
  1. Driving somewhere? Leave a little earlier and be at peace with the speed limit. Sit in the slow lane and cruise. It doesn’t matter if you arrive 3 minutes later than you would have.
  1. Is someone at work testing your patience? This is something that happens to me often. But I’ve worked out a way to deal with it: I hold my tongue, retreat to the bathroom, splash cool water on my face, and make a stupid face in the mirror to give myself a chuckle. Works every time! I get back to my desk feeling pretty damn good, and in a much better frame of mind to deal with whatever someone is inevitably about to throw at me.
  1. Ever feel like seeing how far you can throw your laptop/ipad/mobile out the window in frustration? You know, when the Internet connection drops out, or your system crashes for no other reason than just because. Turn your device off and go for a walk. Read a book. Turn your attention to something that won’t push your impatience levels through the roof.
  1. Be thankful. Being thankful for the smaller, simpler things in life harnesses emotions, and helps develop self-control. Developing self-control can lead to not constantly wanting and needing more and more and more. A lack of self-control, and impatience, is often connected with impulse buying, impulsive addictions, and leads us to think we need more things, and that we need to be somewhere else right now, doing something else right now.

It can be difficult for a lot of people to stay calm and patient sometimes, especially after an extra long day. I’m human. We’re all human (unless this post has been broadcast to outer space). We get frustrated. We get impatient. It can be a natural reaction. But I’m learning more every day that impatience and frustration don’t change anything. They never make a situation better.

For me, the first step is to recognise it. If something makes that ugly angry vein in my forehead pop out and start pulsating, I tell myself that my impatience bubble is about to burst and spew out all over other people. Not cool. Then I quickly ask myself, what can I do to prevent it? It’s a work in progress…

What trivial things get you worked up? How do you deal with your own impatience? What other methods have you found to be really useful to calm yourself down?

Thank you for taking a breather from your day and reading this. I do appreciate your time 🙂

17 thoughts on “Hold up, wait a minute!

  1. I appreciate your post. I’m someone who likes to walk away from the thing that is annoying me. I take a break, take a breather. Go for a walk, get lost in a book, or go talk to a friend about my frustrations. I’m not the best at this keeping cool thing, but these are definitely things that help when I find myself in this situation!

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    1. The biggest thing I think is recognising it, which it sounds like you do! As I said, I think it’s human nature to get frustrated and impatient sometimes and it’s nice to be able to walk away from something and calm yourself down without making a situation worse, which is likely to happen most times, if not all! Thanks for the comment Sidnie 🙂


  2. I’m a bit of a volcano unfortunately, even after all these years of living amongst more polite, patient and considerate people (you should’ve known me before, – or rather not!). The up-side of explosive, instantaneous self-expression is that I cool down quickly and I’ll probably never have a stress-related heart attack or get an ulcer. But…words once spoken can’t be taken back so it’s something I’m forever working on. Proven strategies to avoid making a situation worse: a very deep breath and some silly exaggerated hand actions, a silly sound (humour seems to take the edge off), a long hard swim or walk, or a long bath, preferable with bubbles (if it happens to be handy). Actually, I think the key is remembering I am not the centre of the universe (yes, really!) and that consideration for the needs of others (no matter how peculiar they seem) is the grown-up thing to do.

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    1. I like all those strategies, especially anything involving humour! Laughing is my go-to whenever I can. How’s the saying go? If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry?? I think you hit on a great point. Not so much that you’re not the centre of the universe but the fact that people are different, people see things differently, and it’s more than likely that whatever gets us riled up is so trivial and petty in comparison to the bigger scheme of things!

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  3. meilintq

    This post is the best thing that happened to me, specially right know where I have a lot of things to do and no time! Thank you for this post it made me re-think a lot on how I live my life! I think I’m going to print this and take it everywhere with me, like you said impatience and frustration don’t change anything. They never make a situation better. xx

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  4. Mike, you write as though you have the wisdom of a very old man. That is a wonderful asset! I often get frustrated and impatient when drivers in front of me go too slow. It’s not like I HAVE TO be where I’m going at any specific time. I just hate driving these days and prefer getting to wherever it is I’m going as quickly as possible. Some people mellow with age. Not me. Looks like I need to spend more time with my doggies!!

    Thanks for a great post!!

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    1. I like that compliment very much 🙂 I think the hard bit about driving is that you’re not only trying to deal with your own impatience but literally the impatience of hundreds of other people all at the same time!

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  5. What a wonderful and needed post. As I was reading your words, I found myself doing the exact opposite of being patient. I was skimming through the article to get to the key words and main points. But don’t worry, I caught myself and re-read the entire post 🙂 Thank you for forcing me to be patient today.

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