New York, New York

So we’re in Florida now exploring the theme parks but to reflect on the fantastic time we spent in New York, here are some of my favourite photos. I could easily spend a month in this city purely taking photographs. Melting pot is an understatement….



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Click here to see the photos I posted last week from Central Park

47 thoughts on “New York, New York

    1. Wow, thank you so much! I think it’s hard not to capture the energy in a place so vibrant, i Just had to make sure the camera was on and the button was pressed 😀


  1. Paula Bernasor

    New York has always been on my list of cities to visit. I love how you alternate the pop of color with black and white. Your photos just captures the alluring vibrance of the city. Hopefully I can visit NY by next year.

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        1. Oh wow, that would be something! I’ve heard a few people say they did New Year’s in NY once, and it was fantastic, but they’d never do it again because of the amount of people lol


    1. Yeah we’ve done Magic Kingdom & Epcot on Fri/Sat, had a break Sunday and then Universal yesterday. We’ll have another day at Universal tomorrow before we drive off into the sunset 🙂 Do the holidays start on Monday?

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          1. We aren’t going to get to make it to the Universal parks, we are going to wait until the kids are a little older to do that one. I remember going there when I was a little girl and really digging Nickelodeon Studios, but they shut that down a while back. Definitely will try it on future visits though.

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  2. I gotta tell you Mike, you’re good at taking photos… But that city is a stunning subject! 😉 By the way, I recognized Bryant Park in the first picture…it’s definitely my favourite spot in the city (I’m actually writing an article about it for the next week).

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  3. that traveling nurse

    Love, love, love your photos! You really have captured the essence of this city. New York is one of my favorite cities to visit again and again. I probably wouldn’t live there (too busy and too cold in winter!) but a chance to go there for a few days, I wouldn’t miss in the world! So much things to see and do and eat. heheh… you know what I mean right?

    So now you’re in my part of the world. We were in Orlando Sunday for my birthday. 🙂 Hope the weather wasn’t too hot for you. Hit the beaches yet?

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    1. Absolutely, there was so much more we could have done in NY, but we’ll just add it all to the list for the next visit 😉

      Happy Birthday!! Did you go to the fun parks? There seems to be a lot of my blog followers who are either here, near here, or coming here soon! haha it’s the place to be!! Do you live close by?

      Definitely not too hot! We came from around 90 F back home, and considering the week we had in New York, this was just right 🙂 But nah, no beaches for us! We’re in Kissimmee for easy access to the parks and we take off tomorrow morning for Tallahassee. We won’t really do any beaches until Cancun mid-April towards the end of the trip 🙂

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      1. that traveling nurse

        Thanks for the birthday greetings! I live south of Orlando about an hour away. We didn’t do the parks for my birthday but this weekend I am because a friend is visiting for the weekend and like everybody else, wants to go to the theme parks. 🙂 How nice that you have a side trip to Cancun! Definitely check out Chichen Itza. And if you have time, go to one of the cenotes in the area (we didn’t but I would have wanted to). Never been to Tallahassee (Florida’s capital) so I would like to hear what you think of it. Enjoy the rest of your vacation! 🙂

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        1. I hope the parks aren’t too busy for you now that the holidays have started! (i think?)… We’ll definitely check out Chichen Itza – we’ve got 7 or so nights and nothing planned 🙂 Our stay in Tallahassee is just a quick stopover so we haven’t seen any of it really, and we’re about to head off for Mobile before reaching New Orleans, which we cannot wait for!

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          1. that traveling nurse

            I wish I could recommend something to do in Tallahassee but we’ve never been there so maybe you can discover a hidden gem that you would be willing to share. 🙂

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  4. You paid New York City quite the compliment. Your photos are invitingly full of life and wonder. I’m so happy that you had such a wonderful time and thank you for sharing your experience. Looking forward to more of your journey.

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