Escaping to the Rock

A day trip out to Alcatraz Island… combining my passions of travel, photography & crime. What more could I ask for?

Note: If you’re wondering why you’ve spotted some well-known figures made out of Lego in one of the photos, the prison was also hosting an exhibition by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, highlighting the plight of people who have been persecuted for voicing their opinions in one way or another (generally speaking).

san_fran_edit_1 san_fran_edit_2

san_fran_edit_11 san_fran_edit_3 san_fran_edit_4 san_fran_edit_5 san_fran_edit_6 san_fran_edit_7 san_fran_edit_9 san_fran_edit_10 san_fran_edit_12


17 thoughts on “Escaping to the Rock

  1. Glad you got to see Alcatraz … an interesting place, isn’t it?! I was there in 1988 with a former boyfriend. (We spent several days in San Francisco, and in some ways I left my heart in that city. A year later, an earthquake hit and took down a double-decker roadway that we had travelled on several times.) Now, every time “Bird Man from Alcatraz” comes on TV, I wonder what changes have been made over these 27 years.

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  2. Fantastic photos Mike. They really speak – silently, atmospherically. I loved the broken window (I want it for my windows series, another ‘gunnadoo’, stay tuned!) and the truck against the wall (how did you do that?), especially.


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