5 songs to get you through December ’15

Music is something that brings me immense joy, so it would be odd for me to exclude it from this blog. The hardest question I’m repeatedly asked is, ‘So what sort of music do you listen to?’ to which I usually reply, ‘How long have you got?’

I can’t play an instrument, I can’t dance well, and I certainly can’t sing in a manner that would please anyone, but I do love exploring different genres and expanding my music library whenever possible.

Each month I’ll showcase a selection of songs that I’m absolutely loving. Some old, some new, some fast, some slow, but hopefully most of them are just obscure enough that your taste can potentially expand into other parts of the vast musical landscape. Who knows, you may be minutes away from discovering your next favourite artist…!

Here are my picks for December:

  1. ‘Woozy’ – Faithless


‘Woozy’ has all the hallmarks of a typical Faithless track. A myriad of samples blended behind deeper grooves, and before you know it, you’re in a dark, underground club somewhere in London. The track constantly changes tack without losing its direction and the haunting but unassuming vocals of Maxi Jazz carry you the whole way.

Listen to ‘Woozy’ by Faithless here.

  1. ‘Please you’ by Angus & Julia Stone


A calming track by this Australian brother & sister indie-pop duo that I frankly hadn’t paid much attention to until recently listening to their self-titled album released last year. The whole album is one evening stroll along a beach in the summer, but this track in particular stands out for me.

Listen to ‘Please You’ by Angus & Julia Stone here.


  1. ‘Woman’ by City & Colour


I first heard this track around 2 months ago and was blown away. Multiple listens later and the effect hasn’t worn off. The slow, haunting guitar and ambient beginning sets up the lengthy 9-minute offering, but it’s worth your time. Lyrically it’s a basic track, but the haunting vocals of Dallas Green are powerful enough that the words become less of a priority.

If you want the climax of the song halfway through to send shivers up the spine, turn it up loud and close your eyes.

Listen to ‘Woman’ by City & Colour here.


  1. ‘Next Lifetime’ by Erykah Badu


I only just discovered Erykah, and her album ‘Baduizm’ this week, although it was released almost 20 years old. Her voice and lyrics are soulful and catchy (similar to Jill Scott) and this track is one I keep jumping back to.

Listen to ‘Next Lifetime’ by Erykah Badu here.


  1. ‘Salva Mea 2.0’ by Faithless (Above & Beyond Remix)


Above & Beyond are possibly my favourite act/band/group. They release their own electronic/dance albums but also do a weekly 2hr podcast playing purely dance music from a variety of artists. This remix they did as part of the recently released Faithless album just stands above. A progressive track that incorporates enough of the original Faithless song, but with plenty of A&B influence to call their own. This is the perfect track to turn my car into a mobile dance club.

Listen to ‘Salva Mea 2.0’ by Faithless (Above & Beyond remix) here.


11 thoughts on “5 songs to get you through December ’15

  1. Personally, I prefer the music I grew up with – the 60s and 70s, “Easy Listening”, and – are you ready? – the 40s. I grew up listening to The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Mother of Invention, etc. and loved The Carpenters, Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, Englebert Humperdinck, The Cowsills, and a myriad of others. Lately, though, when the djs on satellite radio spend most of their time yakking instead of playing the music, I’ve gone to the 40s station where it’s all music. I guess the fact that my parents were in their 20s back then helps a bit too. And I always liked the “easy listening” stations on low when I had school work to focus on.

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    1. I was talking about this with my brother-in-law recently. When you’re young (teens), you think older music is rubbish. As I get older, I still find new music I like, but I still have some old favourites that I grew up with and I start thinking “teen” music is rubbish – then I pull myself back and realise it isn’t. There’s no such thing as bad music, just music for different tastes.

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  3. Faithless, A band I’ve known about for years but never really listen to much of their stuff for some reason. I recently acquired Insomnia CD of them (yes I still buy CDs and play then on a CD player via my surround sound). His voice is almost hypnotic.

    Angus and Julia Stone, never heard of em. Lol. (ill wait a bit as I am writing this whilst listening to the tracks). Evening stroll along a beach in summer, yes, you nailed it, I really like this track (damn my listening list is expanding quickly). I like his voice, distinctive. Good find (based on this track).

    City & Colour, again never heard of em. Jesus Mike what are you doing to me here. Yes, another artist I am liking, initial listen and I am liking the instruments more than the singing, but yeah I think that will grow on me, another good track.

    Haha, your Erykah Badu track from the album I mentioned in the other comments (I promise I didn’t look at this review first) I loved this first album and I have no idea why I moved away from it, all those year on and it is still good but ill admit it doesn’t give me the emotional hit that it did back then (although I am nodding my head here), still a great album, I may rebuy the CD for those nostalgia moments.

    Above and Beyond remix, I am not sure, I like elements of it but not all of it, I would need to give it more listens I think.

    I like your format on your music tracks, I may adopt it. Feel free to check out (the paltry number) of music tracks on my blog, my only saving grace I guess is that some of these track I list are my all time favourite.

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