A fresh brew

To all those people who have been following my blog throughout the last 12 months, you are terrific and I can’t thank you enough! For those of you who have recently stumbled into my café, I hope you pull up a chair and stay for 2016.

I’m fairly satisfied with what I accomplished here in 2015. But there is always room for improvement and who doesn’t like a little change from time to time? For my regular visitors, you’ll have already noticed a fresh design, and the next few weeks will bring forth a re-shuffle of pages, some reviews, more photographs, plus some brand new content.

Despite all the changes, I can assure you that I remain at the heart of this blog. I’ll expand on what we chat about and expose you to a little more of what makes me tick. I’m really looking forward to it and I hope you are too!

And remember, conversations are two-way so don’t be shy. Leave a comment and say Hi! or if you’d like to give me a hand as we approach the new year, tell me what else I can post. What content do you enjoying reading? Do you like seeing photos? What do you think of the layout? Is there anything else we can chat about? I’m all ears!

What do you think?

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