We set off again…

So it’s travel time again.

To the U.S of A (again) for the next 4 weeks.

This time we’re taking 10 friends with us!

First stop is Washington D.C. with 5 others. The rest of the crew will join us on the next leg of the trip.

We visited D.C. during our first U.S trip in early 2015, but it was only a day trip on the Amtrak down from New York. Our immediate thought that time was that we needed a lot more time to see what Washington had to offer. So this time around we’re here for 3 days, and we’ve picked some stunning weather. It must have reached up around 35C (95F) today, as it’s almost 6pm and it’s still about 31C (88F) and although the sun tried its best to turn me red, it was awesome seeing Washington incredibly green. Last time around we came at the end of Winter and it was very cold, wet, and I’m pretty sure the following day, the train from Washington to NY was cancelled due to sudden snowfall.

IMG_3611On Saturday, I completed my very first International parkrun at Roosevelt Island which was one of the things on my bucket list. Lovely track, lovely people and a nice way to fight off jetlag after landing in Washington from Sydney (via New Zealand & Houston) the night before! We then cruised around on a very tourist-y bus, stopping off at the Lincoln & MLK memorials. The following day we hit the International Spy Museum (right up my alley!), and had a brief look around the Museum of American History.


Then we hit FedEx Field for the Washington Redskins v Oakland Raiders NFL game – the atmosphere was out of this world, and it helped that the home side won of course 😉 Plus it was another thing I could tick off this list. I loved being a ‘skins fan for the night, donning my maroon cap I picked up pre-game…

I couldn’t help myself and also picked up a cheap jersey on the way out as well! I didn’t want to buy too much – after all, we also have the Yankees, Rangers (NHL), Coyotes, and Clippers to dress for over the next 4 weeks!


I’ll put up a few photo posts toward the end of the trip. But for now, it’s onto the next destination:




3 thoughts on “We set off again…

  1. Have fun! D.C . is a great town to visit, whether you like the current White House resident or not! The last time I was there was the week my Dad passed. It was a bittersweet visit to say the least, but visiting the WWII and FDR Memorials helped ease my tattered soul. There’s just SO MUCH history to take in that it can’t possibly be done in just a week’s time.

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  2. Absolutely, there’s another dozen or places I would have visited if we had the time, but I feel like we still got a good feel of the place even in the short time. It’s a typical compromise when you travel though!

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