The surprise of Mobile, Alabama

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Wall.”

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A lesson from a fellow plane passenger

So we were traveling from New York to Miami. A four-hour flight. Long enough to get through a small bag of peanuts but short enough to put away the sleeping pills. Continue reading “A lesson from a fellow plane passenger”

Do you LOVE your job?

No? That’s perfectly fine.

Society can sometimes get bogged down in a mindset where we must continually strive to find the perfect job. Continue reading “Do you LOVE your job?”

Live like a tourist

I came across this wonderful blog and a post title got me thinking. Why don’t I live my life like I do when I travel? Continue reading “Live like a tourist”

The handshake shakedown

I grew up learning how to shake another man’s hand, traditionally.


A firm grip. Not too tight. Side by side (none of this power stuff with one hand slightly above and over the other). Eye contact, a nod of the head, and then release. Simple. Continue reading “The handshake shakedown”

Hold up, wait a minute!

As society hurtles toward an ever-growing need for quicker, smarter, more efficient, and more convenient, we lose a precious trait that is underestimated and seemingly of lesser importance. Continue reading “Hold up, wait a minute!”

Tug of war… and peace

War is constant. All over the world. Tension builds between two parties and the thread of peace fraying away eventually snaps, sending everyone scrambling into battle-mode. Continue reading “Tug of war… and peace”

I already pushed it!

The heat melted my face as I left the icy sanctuary of the office for lunch. Continue reading “I already pushed it!”

Monday needs love too

So I read this fantastic post by one of my fellow bloggers, Andrea. It stirred up a thought that had bothered me for a while now. One that resurfaces every time I walk into the office on a Monday morning. Continue reading “Monday needs love too”

The day I met my Iranian family

27… 29… 31 Redwood Drive. This must be the house. The scribble on my notepad says so. No cars out front, not that I would know what they drive, or if they drive. Continue reading “The day I met my Iranian family”

Inspiring simplicity

2015 is the year I return to the core of what makes our world so attractive. I’m embracing simplicity, and using it for inspiration. Continue reading “Inspiring simplicity”

Footloose and Facebook-free

The clock approached midnight on New Year’s Eve in 2014. I hit deactivate. I did it, and boy did it feel good. Continue reading “Footloose and Facebook-free”

My city ain’t your city, but you’re welcome to visit

Newcastle, Australia. Home to some of the finest surfing beaches in the world, wineries, blue-collar workers, and a progressive cafe scene. Continue reading “My city ain’t your city, but you’re welcome to visit”

The smallest interactions generate the largest echoes

November, 2013. I was wandering around the streets of Yangon, Myanmar (aka Burma). Continue reading “The smallest interactions generate the largest echoes”


Mmm… the aroma of your Hacienda La Esmeralda has wafted between our techy devices and straight into my lounge room. Continue reading “Coffee?”