10 things about America, by an Aussie

Here’s just a few observations from our first 3 weeks in the USA! Continue reading “10 things about America, by an Aussie”

The surprise of Mobile, Alabama

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Wall.”

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The Life of Charlie Norman: “Lunch break”


Charlie treated himself to an early lunch. After all, the morning had been hectic. More meetings than he could count, or cared to remember, and non-stop phone calls. He was exhausted. Continue reading “The Life of Charlie Norman: “Lunch break””

New York, New York

So we’re in Florida now exploring the theme parks but to reflect on the fantastic time we spent in New York, here are some of my favourite photos. I could easily spend a month in this city purely taking photographs. Melting pot is an understatement…. Continue reading “New York, New York”

A lesson from a fellow plane passenger

So we were traveling from New York to Miami. A four-hour flight. Long enough to get through a small bag of peanuts but short enough to put away the sleeping pills. Continue reading “A lesson from a fellow plane passenger”

That park in the middle

Here are some few photos from the most amazing park I’ve set foot in…  Continue reading “That park in the middle”

Winter Wonderland

rsz_photo_2Snow, ice, and rain.

That was our first night in New York City, and it was truly awesome. Coming from a city where it doesn’t snow, and barely gets *that* cold, it was all new to us. Snow falling around us, wheeling our suitcases through the sidewalk slush, and the cold biting our faces. Luckily it was only 2 blocks from the train to our hotel. Continue reading “Winter Wonderland”

On our way to the U.S.A

Three days!

Only three days until we board a flight from Sydney, Australia and land amid the bright lights of New York City. Continue reading “On our way to the U.S.A”

11 Simple Travel Tips!

As part of the countdown to our adventure to the U.S that kicks off in only a few days time, I thought I’d share some simple travel tips. All of these are extremely simple: Continue reading “11 Simple Travel Tips!”

A taste of Thai

Here’s a quick peek at some of my favourite snaps from several trips to Thailand over the past few years.





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rsz_edits_97 rsz_edit16

rsz_edits_95 rsz_edits_113

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Do you LOVE your job?

No? That’s perfectly fine.

Society can sometimes get bogged down in a mindset where we must continually strive to find the perfect job. Continue reading “Do you LOVE your job?”

The Life of Charlie Norman: “Hastiness”

Sunday morning.

It was a ritual Charlie didn’t mind.

Ginny’s parents visited every second weekend. Ginny and her mother Pearl would cook lunch together, while Charlie and Alf awkwardly lingered. Continue reading “The Life of Charlie Norman: “Hastiness””

Live like a tourist

I came across this wonderful blog and a post title got me thinking. Why don’t I live my life like I do when I travel? Continue reading “Live like a tourist”

The handshake shakedown

I grew up learning how to shake another man’s hand, traditionally.


A firm grip. Not too tight. Side by side (none of this power stuff with one hand slightly above and over the other). Eye contact, a nod of the head, and then release. Simple. Continue reading “The handshake shakedown”

Hold up, wait a minute!

As society hurtles toward an ever-growing need for quicker, smarter, more efficient, and more convenient, we lose a precious trait that is underestimated and seemingly of lesser importance. Continue reading “Hold up, wait a minute!”

Rule of thirds…

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Rule of Thirds.” Continue reading “Rule of thirds…”

Break the chain

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Symmetry.”

This was taken at my beloved Newcastle Beach. Continue reading “Break the chain”

Ephemeral & Fun!

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Ephemeral.”

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Tug of war… and peace

War is constant. All over the world. Tension builds between two parties and the thread of peace fraying away eventually snaps, sending everyone scrambling into battle-mode. Continue reading “Tug of war… and peace”

Break through the blogger block!

Ideas for a new blog post can fly at us like a grade 5 hurricane. Fragments of thought swirl around in the air, and our minds leap up and swirl around with them. Eventually we land with dozens of fresh fragments tugging at our brain (in our hair, dangling off our arms, clinging to our back and so on…) and we’ll write about all of them. An enthusiastic whirlwind of scribbling (typing) and ink (pixels) follows! Continue reading “Break through the blogger block!”

The happiest place on Earth

Vanuatu – 2011. My first venture overseas and even now I’m still convinced the Ni-Vanuatu are the happiest people on Earth. Continue reading “The happiest place on Earth”

I already pushed it!

The heat melted my face as I left the icy sanctuary of the office for lunch. Continue reading “I already pushed it!”

The size of the thing!

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Scale.”

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Monday needs love too

So I read this fantastic post by one of my fellow bloggers, Andrea. It stirred up a thought that had bothered me for a while now. One that resurfaces every time I walk into the office on a Monday morning. Continue reading “Monday needs love too”