Willpower? Forget it!

Standing in front of the mirror, the slow-growing bulge of my stomach caught my eye, as it seems to more often these days. The usual reflexive thought sprung to mind; Continue reading “Willpower? Forget it!”

The oddity of socks!

So I was sitting at work today, caught a glimpse of my socks, and thought of a new blog post. Fascinating hey? Continue reading “The oddity of socks!”

Tug of war… and peace

War is constant. All over the world. Tension builds between two parties and the thread of peace fraying away eventually snaps, sending everyone scrambling into battle-mode. Continue reading “Tug of war… and peace”

Monday needs love too

So I read this fantastic post by one of my fellow bloggers, Andrea. It stirred up a thought that had bothered me for a while now. One that resurfaces every time I walk into the office on a Monday morning. Continue reading “Monday needs love too”