My coffee beans


Things I’d like to achieve through my life, in addition to all the other fun stuff I do on a regular basis. Some are tiny, some are massive, and most fall in between. This list will evolve as I go…

  1. Watch Manchester United play (v Australia in Sydney, 2000)
  2. Finish my Criminology degree at University (Dec, 2017)
  3. Continue my studies in Criminology and/or Psychology
  4. Finish a novel and publish it
  5. Watch Manchester United play at Old Trafford in England
  6. Attend a football World Cup
  7. Travel around Brazil / Peru
  8. Learn to cook a better signature dish than baked beans on toast!
  9. Continue doing volunteer work either at home or overseas
  10. Watch an NBA game live (March, 2015)
  11. Watch an NFL game live (September, 2017)
  12. Watch an NHL game live (March, 2015, September 2017)
  13. Watch an MLB game live, while eating a hotdog (March, 2015)
  14. Learn to ski/snowboard, preferably in New Zealand
  15. Visit at least 50 different countries in my lifetime (Currently:  9 / 50)
  16. Coach a kids soccer team (2017)
  17. Travel to Myanmar (November, 2013)
  18. See the lights of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak (December, 2013)
  19. Photograph the New York City skyline (March, 2015)
  20. Stand on the Great Wall of China
  21. Experience a white Christmas
  22. Road trip up to Byron Bay, New South Wales.
  23. Develop a crime-related app and reach 1000+ downloads
  24. Travel to Iran with our Persian friends
  25. Have at least 1,000 wonderful readers following this blog (Currently:   330+ / 1000)
  26. Run 5km (3.12 miles) in under 21 minutes  (PB:   21:24 minutes)
  27. Finish 100 parkruns (What’s parkrun? Click here…)
  28. Finish 250 parkruns (Currently:  111 / 100)
  29. Run a 10km fun-run
  30. Learn to speak Spanish (In progress!)

Bike riding in Burma

21 thoughts on “My coffee beans

    1. We’ll be there until the end of April – we’re thinking maybe seeing L.A, only because we’ll be there need the end of the trip so the season would have started. We’ve also got tix to the Spurs-Mavs game when we’re in San Antonio.. I’m not a fan of either team but it was the most convenient game to get to – I wanted to watch a game at MSG in NY, but the Knicks are really terrible at the moment (even more than Philly lol!)… so we settled on watching the NHL at MSG instead 🙂 It’s a busy 7 weeks we’ve got!!!!

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      1. 60while60

        Oh Yeh! We have gone every winter since we moved here in 1999. Nothing like being out in the fresh air. Everyone is smiling.
        You must be a runner? 4min km – 5 times. I ran it once (not 5km but 1km) 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much! I’m not big on stats as such but I love the idea that I’m connecting with new people every day 🙂 I just read your story about Roi, that was heartbreaking – I’ll be back on tonight to read some more and look into it all a bit further. Thank you for dropping by!


  1. I originally saw a post called “Let your imagination off the leash” but then once on your site the getting rid of facebook one caught my attention. Something I am looking to do myself. But I like your humour, and you seem to write well from the few posts Ive read. So 241/1000 now (unless that had not been updated in a while of course)


    1. I’m proud of the Facebook one… mainly because I’ve still stuck to it 5 months on! It’s very rewarding every time I hear someone mumble about something they saw on FB and how frustrated they get. One less thing in my life that agitates me 😉


      1. hehe indeed, and there are so many things that can potentially agitate. farcebook is certainly one of the worse sites out there I think, i am there rarely and even more rarely put anything personal on it.


  2. The ONE thing I really like about Facebook is how easy it makes keeping in touch with friends, especially friends who like me avoid talking on the telephone when possible. And, since most – make that all – of my friends are pet parents, our posts are usually uplifting posts about our pets. I un-followed all the news media and political pages because I was tired of all the hate and narcissism being spewed. And blocked every person who claimed I couldn’t possibly love my dogs as much as they love their human kids and tried to tell me I had no right to call myself a “parent” unless I had human children. For the most part, my own FB page is dog-centric and upbeat. 🐶🐶

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