About me…

Pull up a chair. I’ve ordered your coffee… double-shot, mocha, flat black, piccolo with 3 sugars and a dash of cinnamon, right?

profilepicrunningLast year I finished my degree in Criminology & Criminal Justice. I learnt that while immersing myself in literature on serial killers, domestic violence, terrorism, imprisonment, and punishment, was highly fascinating and entertaining, it was also mentally draining. The need to get my head out of that space from time to time ultimately prompted the birth of this blog a few years ago now.

I stay positive most of the time and try to focus my thoughts & energy toward the more interesting facets of life; people-watching, social observations, traveling, creating fictional worlds, losing myself in music (or sport), and of course discovering life with my fiancée Selina.

So what will you find here? For starters…

  • Random thoughts on life
  • Short stories
  • Music picks for the month
  • How my recent switch to veganism is traveling
  • Glimpses of my photography
  • Travel expeditions

Or check out some of these previous posts:

So unwind from the grind and take a break.


38 thoughts on “About me…

              1. Also wanted to add the war brides were also part of the wave of new immigrants to California in the Filipino-American community during WWII — it is an interesting term. Filipinos who settled in various parts of California and fought in the war married and brought their wives to the U.S.


      1. Thanks for adding me but my actual name starts with S so it would be S from Secret Parade haha Your Blog is doing amazing and I can definitely tell you’re going to continue getting even more nominations and awards because its great!


  1. Mike, I wanted to thank you for stopping over at my blog. I am also a dog and cat lover. I had to come see what everyone says over here, and by what I am reading you have a great following…and a gratitude page I have to stop at next…Happy Valentine’s Day to you, friend.


  2. Kay

    It’s funny perhaps, how reading your comment on the Daily Post comments, about the importance of the ‘About me’ section, led me here to your own, Loving the list method… I think I’ll stay, though I don’t like coffee… 🙂


  3. I am taking an undetermined amount of time away from Facebook this year (it’s been one month now!) and it is quite freeing! I think everyone should unplug from Facebook now and again. I don’t even miss it, and I certainly don’t plan to get addicted to it again. At some point, I’ll log back in to check my notifications, but as for the checking my newsfeed? No, I think I’ll pass.
    Really great “About Me” page! 🙂 I look forward to checking out your blog.

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    1. Thank you very much! I actually just got back on Facebook, but I unfriended everyone I have contact with in the real world, even my mum!! haha so it left me with about 15 people, and I use it mainly to keep up to date with music news and announcements and a few other pages like that. It’s easy now because I know my newsfeed will have little on it, and even less to annoy me :))

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  4. I'm Revan

    Hi Mike, I’m new to this and I just came across your page. I’m impressed. I LOVE your ‘about me’ section. Keep up the good work!

    -fellow caffeine junkie xx

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