Thanks A Latte!

I’ve created this page to say a GIGANTIC thank you to all my wonderful fellow bloggers who have either re-blogged one of my posts, or nominated me for a cool badge:


The Versatile Blogger Award:

Andrea from The Healthy Secret Identity
S! from Secret Parade
Atul from The Atul’s


The Liebster Award:

Yuliya from Tiny Expats
Buddhing Traveler from Tales of A Young Buddhist Traveler
Sandy from Pay, Pack & Follow
Shop Girl Anonymous
Emma from DeletingStress

very-inspiring-blogger-awardThe Very Inspiring Blogger Award:

Ann from Grubbs n Critters

The Creative Blogger Award:

Emma from DeletingStress


Elle Knowles reblogged: Inspiring Simplicity
Jerry & Carol rebogged: Inspiring Simplicity
Lets Figure it out rebogged: Inspiring Simplicity

Pick of the week:

Hold up, wait a minute! on Berryduchess

Thank you again. I do really appreciate the gesture 🙂


8 thoughts on “Thanks A Latte!

  1. I hope you are doing well today, it’s nice that you care about your other friends here on the blogshere. I have blogged for atleast six years, to which my number one blog got hacked and what you go to now is a start over blog. Bless you as your keep inspiring others, loved your layout and photo’s!!!

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    1. I’m sorry to hear the blog got hacked, that’s not cool 😦 but it looks like you’ve picked up well on your new one! Thank you for the compliment about the photo’s & layout 🙂


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