As a writer? I’ve made it!

I declare I’ve made it as a writer. I’ve reached the zenith of my celestial writing sphere. The light at the end of my writing tunnel.

Let me start from the beginning.

8 years old: I plunged headfirst into my first serious writing gig. I started my own sports magazine creatively called “SportsWorld”. On a weekly basis, I produced a 5-6 page publication with standard fare: a fictional sport-related story, a profile of a random sportsperson, a crossword, a joke (which may or may not have been sport-related), and recent results, of my favourite teams from my favourite sports but no-one else.

My printing press was a slow, dot-matrix printer, complete with computer paper with the holes running down both sides (remember that?). There was no Internet or digital cameras and my budget (pocket-money) of $2 a week simply didn’t allow me to hire a graphic designer, so no photos or images. So that was my magazine. To further enhance my prospects of fame and fortune, I sold it for 50 cents every week.

After three weeks, 100% of my readership (i.e. my mother) cancelled her subscription and the magazine and printing press shut down. It was a sombre time for everyone involved.

17 years old: I entered the stereotypical teenage world of darkness, doom, angst and gloom. Sappy poetry, and depressing short stories were my thing. I decided that being able to write was based on bad stuff happening – it seemed easy to pour that out onto paper. But alas, like my failed attempt to get into the world of sports journalism, this too only lasted a short period.

Early 20’s: I’d matured from my teen years and headed for the fame of a best-seller. I wanted to write a novel. I researched locations and languages, and created characters, relationships and back stories. Every attempted novel lasted barely 3 pages.

Late 20’s: I was confined to University essays, case studies and reports.

Early 30’s: 2014, and my writing moved from the practical and back into the realm of hobby. This time it was opinion pieces and lists, loosely based on the topics from those University studies (see here)

And now here I am. So why the declaration that I’ve made it as a writer?

Because I finally feel like a writer. I’ve found my niche. I wake up every morning and want to write. Whether it’s something big or small, or whether I’m simply listing future topics to explore, I finally feel as though writing has a place within me for good. It’s not about the quality of my writing. I’m not going to churn out a best-selling novel or start writing popular opinion pieces for a newspaper.

But now, I have the confidence to write whatever I want, whenever I want. I’m happy to share it with anyone and everyone, and for the most part, I’m connecting with people.

And maybe, just maybe, the great historical sports magazine that was SportsWorld might re-emerge down the track. For one last issue.

How do you feel as a writer? Do you think you’ve made it? If not, how will you get there?


26 thoughts on “As a writer? I’ve made it!

  1. Ahhhhh dot matrix printers, those were the days! Glad you’re ‘in the zone’ now as a writer. Weirdly, I never liked writing, and English was my least favourite subject at school but I was attracted to creating a blog because I like the idea of creating a website and connecting with people

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  2. flowerybeer

    I hope to reach the same level of confidence with my writing. It surely is lovely to see that people are declaring that in their opinion they have made it, because honestly your own opinion is the only one that matters. Congratulations!

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  3. I know exactly how you feel! Being a writer isn’t about having readers, though you now have a community of readers, it’s about feeling like a writer! I do believe I have “made it” as a writer. I don’t know if you will ever walk into a library and be able to pick out one of my books, but I write, and I enjoy it, and I think that is what truly matters!


    1. Thank you! From the posts of yours I’ve already read, in my opinion you’ve well and truly made it as writer! BUT, each person creates their own journey and the beauty is, each person gets to choose how their own journey pans out. Sounds like yours is coming along nicely 😉

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  4. I wish I could say the same. For the most part I feel my opinions are too passion-driven. I want to write though-provoking articles, and sound poetry or prose about things that life tends to look over. This article is encouraging. ^_^

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    1. I don’t think it matters what you write about, just how you feel inside about your interest in writing 🙂 I apologise for not replying sooner, I actually thought I had and only just realised now I hadn’t!


  5. Saw your Community Pool post. Yes! This page makes sense. I identify with it so much and it cracked me up as well. Writing out of love of the craft is the best place to be. Congrats on feeling good in your “writer skin.”

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    1. Cheers Megan! I’m glad it gave you a laugh 🙂 It was actually a lot of fun reminiscing about the different stages I’d gone through with writing and it’s refreshing to feel like I’ve reached a point where I can write with ease and know that it’ll continue on from here – no need to worry about my mother’s subscription anymore, although hopefully she’ll still tune in every now and then 😉

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  6. Bev

    This blog brought back many memories including your ‘Sportsworld’ mag. I will always be tuned in to whatever you do! Yes, I am a proud mum and inspired by your ongoing creative pursuits!!

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  7. Hi Mike. Great read. I hit my 50’s before I worked out that all I wanted to be was a writer, so you are way ahead of me. I agree the connection is what makes it real. Just last year I had a submission published for the very first time and thats when I felt like a REAL writer. Is there a mag you could send a submission to? Just a thought. Consider yourself followed.

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    1. Thank you 🙂 Congratulations on getting your submission published, that would have felt great! I love your suggestion, maybe I should submit something or two and just see how I go. I think I’ve finally realised that I can harness this hobby as just that, and know that I can do other things without committing to it fully, but also feel like it’s not just a fad.


  8. Oh my goodness gracious. First of all, I smiled at the recollection of those dot matrix printers! But more importantly, this is a witty, brilliant, wonderful post. Would you mind if I either reblogged it or linked it in a post of mine at some point?

    You really hit the nail on the head as far as what it means to “be a writer.” So often you’ll hear people say “oh, I’m just an aspiring writer.” But what I always here commercially successful writers say is, “if you write, you’re a writer. There is no ‘aspiring.’ You either write or you don’t.” And I think your post here really captured that well. Plus the anecdotes were endearing!

    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Charlotte! I wouldn’t mind if you re-blogged it all, the more it’s shared the better 🙂 I think it took me a while to realise I was a writer, as opposed to ‘aspiring writer’ and one day the penny just dropped! Now its a lot easier to embrace & enjoy rather than constantly thinking I’m not good enough 🙂


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