The oddity of socks!

So I was sitting at work today, caught a glimpse of my socks, and thought of a new blog post. Fascinating hey?

rsz_photo-12Before you shake your head in confusion, then hastily click on the next article in your blog reader, let me explain how my socks brought to light observations that fit snugly inside my live simple philosophy.

Most people wear socks that are as plain as day, myself usually included. Boring black or navy socks, which to be fair are often devoured by shoes or hidden by pants, but either way we don’t give them a second thought.

Well, last week I did give them a second thought. I bought a few packs of socks and found different colours/patterns and decided they were perfect for my humble office at work. The sock will mostly covered by my business pants, but every now and then they’ll peek out.

But more importantly, I’ll see them, and I’ll know I have them on. So why does it matter?

rsz_photo-11Today I had a bit of fun and wanted to show off my socks to a few people at work. I was shocked at how many were surprised when they saw my socks. It’s taken me barely a few days to work out that in a society that can at times become really serious and stiff, wearing a fun pair of socks is a really simple of way of brightening the mood.

The moral of this isn’t so much about the socks, but what they represent. So in an effort to fill my life with easy peasy methods of enjoying myself and having fun, wearing a pair of fun socks has now officially been added to the list, and I will endeavour to do it daily. My bland, black socks are on their last legs!

If nothing else, my fun new socks give me a chuckle every time I put them on before leaving for work, and that’s worth a lot isn’t it?

9 thoughts on “The oddity of socks!

  1. 60while60

    Bingo. Boring socks are out at our house. My son, husband, and son-in-law have been wearing funky socks for some time now. Their favourite brand “Instance”.

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  2. I’ve always loved “novelty” socks and t-shirts! When I first started working full-time (in the early 70s), women were expected to wear dresses, skirt suits, or a skirt and blouse. Period. No variation except in perhaps color (but never red!). Talk about stuffy and stiff! I was so glad when the rules relaxed enough to allow for nice pant suits!! 40 years later, I refuse to wear a dress or skirt unless attending a wedding or other special party! Now it’s jeans or shorts and a novelty t-shirt and socks with Golden Retriever or Corgi heads or some other silly thing on them.

    Several years ago I saw an article — in the AARP magazine I think — that stated women aged 40 or above should NEVER carry a purse or tote bag with a pet’s photo imprinted on it, or wear a novelty shirt. I tore out that page, circled the word “never”, and used my “BULLSHIT” stamp on the page, and mailed it back to the editor. I included a little post-it note that said simply, “I am not now, never have been, and never will be a conformist. I wear clothes and use tote bags that fit my personality, and I don’t give a damn who likes it or who doesn’t like it.”

    So, I say to you wear whatever color socks that make you happy! And mix them up – stripes on one sock and polka dots on the other sock if it makes you happy.



  3. Bev

    I agree Mike….I have my polka dot socks on today, something I wouldn’t have worn outside my home before but i feel they look kind of cute!!! And not boring……


  4. Fadila Henry

    As a sock collector myself this warms my heart 🙂 there is nothing like a pair of brightly coloured, speckled *cute* socks to one feel good. simple joys… keep rockin’ your socks 🙂

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