5 songs to get you through April ’16

Here are my tracks to get you through April. Enjoy! By the way, if the video doesn’t work – it should still give you a direct link to the youtube version!


  1. Matt Corby – Belly Side Up (2016)

When Corby released ‘Brother’ in 2011, it seemed natural to expect an album would follow not longer after. But it never came… a few years later, still nothing… finally, in 2016, he released ‘Telluric’ and the opening track ‘Belly Side Up’ is brilliant. Effortless dreamy vocals over the top of a slow groove which sounds like it incorporates all sorts of instruments but it definitely works.

As a sneaky bonus, check out this version of Corby’s new track ‘Wrong Man’. Stunning.


  1. Disclosure – Latch (DJ Premier Remix) (2014)

Apparently this version has been out for a few years but I only just heard it and absolutely love it. I didn’t think I’d ever hear this song sound fresh again but here we are. It also helps that I was a big fan of Gangstarr back in the day, so it’s nice to see DJ Premier still popping up from time to time.


  1. Miike Snow – Heart Is Full (2015)

This is a slightly edgier song than some of the other more uplifting tracks on the Swedish trios newly released album ‘iii’. I could have picked any number of their new tracks for this slot but this won out because the chorus got stuck in my head more than the others!…. “please don’t knock over my heart, cause my heart is full of you…”


  1. Massive Attack – Lately (1991)

Blue Lines was one of my favourite albums all those years ago and I only just pulled it out again a few weeks ago. It’s still as fantastic as I remember and this track especially never gets old. Shara Nelson’s vocals bring back vivid memories of the 90’s era pop/groove sound, and the needle-scratching sounds fused with the baseline are as addictive as they were 20+ years ago.


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